The doctor is in


It occurred to me that while I’m looking for work, I’ve got time to save the country. As I’ve got some time, and I’m an independent/democrat, I started reading up on the dems, specifically Clark and Dean.

At first Clark interested me so I started there. He’s a fascinating man and his military iconic nature seems like it might be just the ticket since we are basically at war, with others, our own economy, and if you’re a democrat, the current administration. I like Clark.

Then I read up on Dean. I’m going with Dean. Dean’s position, history, personality, campaign energy, ground breaking Internet usage, and experience, are more in line with my beliefs and what I like in a candidate.

What I sincerely hope is that the democrats battle it out and then really focus all their votes on what ever leader emerges, with as little diffusion as possible.

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