Party of the Past


If we democrats, and other’s working to unseat Bush, can keep our focus, and NOT fall pray to thinking our foe is stupid, or easy to beat, maybe we can save our country from being run by the “party of the past” as I like to call the conservative wing of the Republicans, any longer.

I think this party of the past is slowly losing ground on most fronts. For example: Narrow minded crusade like religion, macho foreign policy, isolation, going it alone, might makes right, bigotry, health care, gay rights, abortion, even medical marijuana. They are losing ground in this war, and they know it. The winds of evolution of our very species are against them like a rising tide. The future is globalization, teamwork, new human rights, free markets, free people, and information warfare. Isolation is a weapon we want to use on others, not ourselves. As the book “Non Zero” showed, we are a species that, despite flare ups of wars and such, evolves though a series of win win scenarios. This is why the party of the past is fighting so strongly. But it is a long last flail. They are a badger in a corner though, so one must be very respectful of their power and determination.

But the sands of time will continue to slowly surround the party of the past until they find themselves in a vast hellish desert, and realize that nobody is coming to their party.

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