The Zyban Chronicles (Day #46 to #66)

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The Zyban Chronicles (Day #46 to #66)

Ok. A pattern emerges. Weekend minor cheating, weekday no worries. My body has settled into the meds although I can still feel it a few hours after. I’m following my doctors advice and taking 100mlg first thing in the AM, and one 100mlg at 2-4pm. It definately does the job for the cravings. Mood wise, not much effect, which is a good sign if one is worried about clinical depression. About a week ago I made it through a cough that was going around and it loosened a lot of things I think. The temptation now is to stop Zyban, but this a supposedly dangerous for relapses until 4 more months.

BUT, this is the best I’ve done since picking up the habit of smoking occasionally at night as a young man. I can say I regret ever starting, but at the same time it was a different time and a different place. It was a group thing and had a few positive byproducts. Now luckily for the kids I work around smoking seems to be seen as un-cool and stupid.

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