The Zyban Chronicles (Day #32 to #41)

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The Zyban Chronicles (Day #32 to #41)

OK. I rocked for the first five days. Then went to a singles mixer and bummed a smoke after having a cocktail. I even bought a pack of Dunhill Reds on the way home and smoked one. Half way though I chucked it and left the pack at a bus stop. During the time I also tried taking 2, 100ml tablets a day, one at breakfast and one at 3pm. I has some seriously vivid dreams! Gerald Ford walked into one. Anyway, I didn’t like it so now I’m taking one 150ml a day, but in the late morning. It seems to be good.
Last night I cheated again. It was at a raging Holloween party. I just fell and had three bummed ones. Then coming home around 4am after hanging at some people’s houses, I bought a pack and had one, but put it out quick. This morning I tried one and it tasted terrible so I put it even quicker and destroyed the pack.
I think I can make it this time, but the partying is going to be tough forever…and interestingly it is tough the next day when I seem to crash a little emotionally the following night. This is what I think they mean by Alchohol being a depressant.

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