The Zyban Chronicles (Day #14 to #21)

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The Zyban Chronicles (Day #14 to #21)

Wow. Time slipped by with a house guest in town from back east where I grew up. She provided a good view of my life from a nuetral party and things are in fact looking good. The Wellbutrin must have something to do with that. I feel waves sometimes of whatever body chemical its uptake inhibitor is inhibiting that moment. Also worse dry mouth, like a jet fuel taste, but it may be the mixing with acidic coffee breath? Also, occastional hot flashed. But today I think the 150mlg dosage is settling in. I’m actually setting the quit date on Oct. 18th when I visit Dr. Covner. I’m even telling folks. And sort of looking forward to it as the start of a new chapter in my life. I have down times like we all do, but they seem to last less time. I think the Wellbutrin will help me quit.

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