South by Southwest Interactive 2002 Panel Speaking

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What’s left of me is back in SD after South By Southwest <;.

There’s some VERY cool work being done on the Web. I am stunned that I’ve missed some of it until now. And I am happy to have learned about it. Summary below to save folks the hangovers and hotel bills.

Context: SXSW is a wonderful interactive media conference snuck in between big film and music segments. Austin Tx. is a small, very friendly town. The crowd is tribal digital art/story/entertainment geek crowd from SF, SD, and NYC, there with their labor of loves mostly. Panels a day starting at 10:30am, and events from 6pm until 2am. Very inspiring! Very tiring.

We’re only 6 years into this medium…BEHOLD

Joshua Davis may be one of the first real digital artists ever. He’s teaching art in NYC, and traveling around the world to museums who’ve asked him to present. Cool guy, recently married. He is pushing things for sure, and he gives the small bits of code away that create the Flash art. Check out “Carnivore” to see a painting of a LAN in action, and “Rice Paper”, which makes new rice paper patterns as you watch…

Right in town. John was on my panel. This site is pushing online community into new places. He has citizens pay taxes, but still loses money. John, aka “cockybastard” fame, also has another project that is a house right by SDSU that’s been online with 24 cameras and five people doing the voyeur thing for a year!. He was also the SXSW MC for the awards night. He does virtual hug night on citizenx, and yes, there’s lots of sex and “show me your tits” assholes, but he’s reduced it a great deal lately and puts it in well marked areas new. It’s really quite a thing… You can go to your community and if you’re crying you don’t have to type a thing for your friends to see that and respond.

Everybody seemed to have been reading this site for the last two years. labor of love, one guy, and on the panel I was on.

Pixel art, that is, a world made by hand using pixels. Let it load, slide along…


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