Shower thought on Barbsol Shaving Cream

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Here’s a shower thought that might help some .com businesses. Barbasol shaving cream has no TV commercials. Nor can I remember seeing any commercials in print or newspapers. How does it survive? Don’t you need commercials to survive in America? Maybe not. Maybe they make it because they’re cheaper then the rest, and just as good; there’s a concept. Maybe they save the money on commercials for some kind of target marketing only when they need it? After all, once you use Barbasol, you probably will buy it again, even if it takes a while. See, if it was in your house when you were growing up, as it was in mine, you probably bought something new when you got your own place, perhaps something with “Pro” or “Turbo” in the name for more money, but it was cooler then Barbasol. However, after you’re first bout with being cash poor, you probably went back and recognized the label, liked the price and then realized that the old metal can was just as good to use, if not to look at. Thus, there’s a can of Barbasol in my shower this morning. Perhaps it’s the Tabasco of shaving products? Perhaps there’s a lesson here for some businesses?

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