Pre-construction condo event in a hole not fit for high heels


Today I saw a young woman in line in a cafe who was sick. She arrived in sweats from what must have been around the corner. Back to me I saw her dance a ever so slightly under her sweats to the cafe music.

After work I ate a lot of cheese and drank Champaign in a giant hole in the ground in downtown San Diego.

There was almost as much, and different kinds, of money as cheese. But money was as much a prerequisite as cheese is in California. This was a time capsule event for a yet to be built 27 story condo complex two blocks from the main drag down town. If you were in the hole, you were either in the hole for a condo, building the condo, designing the condo, or from the city. Either way you’d were going to spend, make, or do both, with a lot of money. Very fitting that we were all three stories below ground and hoping to make it out alive and well.

Midway through the event and speakers a man with a hat and two models came down into the hole. The models were wearing high heals, which presented a problem walking down the dirt road, and afforded the crowd with quiet a show. “Penthouse” everybody must have thought, as did I. The high level construction workers stopped swilling Champaign and held back whistles in favor of gawking. Others gawked too, but in transparent ways.

I came on my bike and yes, I have bought one of the condos. The smallest, cheapest one bedroom possible. Interesting racket buying yet to be built condos. You put down 5% and wait a year or so for it be built while you pay nothing. I figure I’ll follow the money while San Diego explodes into a real player of a top 10 US city. Hopefully the money will follow me. Turns out you get a good deal buying while it’s a hole in the ground because you play off human’s natural desire to buy things for large sums of money that already exist and don’t depend on faith in a company to become real.

I put my personal business card into the time capsule. It’s only got my name, domain and email. Might give a sense in 200 years to those who open it what what going on in this strange time. Then I got of out dodge and wondered if I’d ever even live in the thing?

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