Of Logic Boards and Hay Houses

Of Logic Boards and Hay Houses
Subject: Of Logic Boards and Hay Houses
Sent: 07/11 3:54 AM
From: Caleb John Clark
To: NoEnd, noend@TAOS.COM

Hello all.

Laptop had a Vulcan overhaul (new logic board) and I’m back online. I continue my travels optimizing people’s hard drives in return for three squares, a dial tone and a place to flop…

Today, shoulders are sore from a hay bale house raising, I type in my dad’s furniture shop remembering cool skinny dipping in a bed of nature made up with blankets of stars, sheets of biting bugs and pillows of green grass.

The house raising was soul satisfying. The current head teacher at my old school gathered friends and family on the back forty of Neverdun (no “e” onpurpose) Farm and in one day we built her a real live house with straw bales for walls and a beautiful curved and peaked roof with a loft and plenty of windows. This is the same farm that I did a Amish style barn raising on twenty years ago where we put up a huge three story post and beam barn in one day.

Grandma Teddy is having fun with her now companion. My other grandmother and I recently set a have-a-heart trap for a flower eating hedgehog. We used peanut butter covered with rolled oats per advice of those in the know, and then put a daisy sticking straight out of the peanut butter so it would look just like a normal garden.

Dad and I are working hard together and my half brother David and I got to spend some time in a five story, 30′ tree house at my old school. Mom and Jack are happy homeowners in Santa Fe NM (same number) and Cove and Maya are doing well.

I’m heading back West soon, Santa Fe July 9th to the 12th, LA for weekend, should plop into Babylon’s Bay about July 17th looking for couches and dial tones to bum ’till I get settled.

=:-) Caleb out.

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