Yoga Break At Your Desk For Geeks (7min)


A 7 minute video of Yoga moves you can do at your desk.

By Caleb John Clark, January 1999.

Lesson is by Arati Lane who teaches traditional Indian style Hatha Yoga in San Diego, Ca. She was awarded the Best Yoga Class 1999 by the San Diego Reader. Arati was trained in the famous Jivamukti Yoga center in New York City and certified by the Shivananda Yoga Ashram in upstate New York, after this she continued her study under different Gurus in India for two and a half years. Consult your doctor before starting. Start slowly and all that jazz.

I found that working on computers was terrible on my body, especially my upper body. I was taking yoga classes from Arati and had her show me some yoga moves I could do at my desk. They were so go I video taped her and put it online for my deskbound friends and then make this primer.

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