Wiggle in the Grass

Wiggle in the Grass
Subject: CALEB: Wiggle in the Grass
Sent: 07/15 11:02 AM
From: Caleb John Clark
To: NoEnd, noend@TAOS.COMSitting in the cybercafe in Santa Fe I finally figured out the answer to a personal question I’ve been mulling. Cats might wiggle their ass just before pouncing for timing. If they’re right handed they wiggle to that animal rhythm, first left, then right, then left, then right, then left, and POUNCE!

The talk in Santa Fe is of Goddesses. I met a few in Maine. Young fertile good women with moons tattooed on their ankles. Waxing moons, then full when they’re pregnant and waning after menopause. I was feeling mischievous so I said that being a sun god I was honored that they picked a heavenly body that I illuminated. Reflecting back it wasn’t such a good idea. While in a cafe queue here I heard a man holding a Mr. Natural doll say, “now here’s a god.” The man next to him looks at a $10 bill in his hand and says, “and here’s a whole bunch of gods.” The other man counters with, “those are just the wings that make gods fly.”

My friend’s eyes squint so tight when she laughs that I can’t see her soul. We sit and watch a cumulus cloud, its top edge cut like a sickle against the impossibly blue sky. Cartoon rain clouds mill about waiting for the curtain call for a show they call “monsoon season”. It’s a very short show that ends when they run out of steam and the lights come back on. The light here attracts moths with trust funds who feel lost among millions of lamps as they watch the show.

I wonder if consensus can work in a military command structure? “OK, we all think, if you agree, that you should make decisions when time is of the essence. When we have time we can all sit and discuss how to devastate the objective most effectively.”

Saw “Independence Day” at 10:30am with my uncle and father in law. Great “B” movie with an “A” budget. I think the Jews in Hollywood had the heroes be a black fighter pilot and a Jewish geek to diffuse racial tensions. I was glad to see heroes chock full of honesty fight the evil aliens. If you think about it any organic life form foolish enough to come here at our current state of crude evolution (we still stink and like to kill each other) are probably here to plunder and move on. The nice aliens are giving us time to grow up before they come to the party.

I’d like to live in the woods and have a transporter in my closet.

Moving on to LA tomorrow.

Caleb out.

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