Welcome to my portfolio.


Sailing in 2013

A problem solver at the intersection of education and technology. Through collaboration, outreach, innovation, personal growth and amazing follow through I have a steady record of benefiting employers.

Currently I’m the Degree Chair of the Teaching with Technology graduate program at Marlboro College. This job also includes learning experience design support for faculty, students and staff at the grad school. I’m also teaching an undergraduate course titled “E-Portfolio Workshop..” Reviewing everything in my house.


hippie kids born dropped out documentaryI was alternatively raised by a back-to-the-lander single mom in the Bay Area and Southern Maine. In the ’80s and ’90s I got my first real job as a bike machanic where I excelled at testing bikes for repairs needed, and if repairs worked. I went to public high school as a house painter until college. I went to several colleges while I worked in restaurant jobs and as a production assistant in on location film productions. I finally found a major I liked, journalism and broadcasting, and graduated. I then worked as a carpenter and freelance writer. In the early 1990s the World Wide Web appeared in my world and I moved to the Bay Area where I worked in Web media production, journalism, group facilitation and as an webmaster.  In 1997 I fell in love with educational technology and went to graduate school for my first Masters degree. After years of being a happy laptop nomad I went back to school in 2006 for a terminal Masters. In 2008, at age 42, I was promoted from an adjunct teacher into a unique faculty/staff job at Marlboro College. In 2010 I got married, bought a house and started a family.

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